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Upholstery Cleaning

professional arm chair cleaning service

Your business or home utilizes furniture to facilitate daily tasks, through time this highly trafficked furniture can become saturated with dirt, debris, allergens and even smells. At Carpet Cleaning Round Rock, we offer affordable and comprehensive services that aim to deliver a solution for commercial and residential partners throughout our community. Upholstery cleaning not only helps to improve the users of the furniture, but it also elongates the life of the upholstery as well. Protect your investment with the help of our comprehensive services by taking the time to call our carpet-cleaning experts today!


We all love our animals! But no matter if your space is home to a dog, cat, bunny, or reptile, there are side effects from their presence that leaves allergens and dirt on your upholstery. The hair, skin, and debris that your animal brings into your home, and onto your upholstery can wreak havoc on the sanity and appearance of your upholstery. Trust Carpet Cleaning Round Rock to take care of your upholstery cleaning in an effective and affordable way! For over two decades we have surprised and delighted our clients with sublime upholstery cleaning results, for always-reasonable rates.

Odor Relief 

Bacteria tends to find its way into the very fabric of your upholstery. If untended, these bacteria can lead to extreme odor. The unpleasant odors that can waft from ill-maintained upholstery can absolutely change the way that you use your room. We take care of your upholstery cleaning by utilizing our high-grade tools, our effective and safe solutions and the skills of our team members. If your pet, children, or years of use have brought an unfortunate odor to your upholstery, contact our team today and get your furniture back.

Spot Cleaning

Naturally, your upholstery will see wear and tear take a toll on the fabric of your furniture. Even when life has thrown food, pet urine, wine, or other substances at your upholstery, you have a solution that will help you get rid of these unsightly stains. Carpet Cleaning Round Rock has expertly reduced and dismantled stains on chairs, sofas, benches, and other upholstered items through our years of service. Spot cleaning must be completed prior to the service itself, this step helps saturate the stain, leaving you with better results! Cast your ugly stain to the side with the help of our professional team, and get the most out of your furniture!

Health Benefits 

When you deep clean your upholstery, you will see many benefits from the process. Not only will your furniture become more appealing, better smelling, and more comfortable, but it will also become safer. The dirt and bacteria that nestle their way into the fabric of your upholstery can be absolutely devastating to the health of you and your loved ones. By taking the step to professionally clean your upholstery, you are ensuring that those who enjoy the furniture are safe and free from allergens.

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