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Area Rug Cleaning

professional area rug cleaning service

Carpet cleaning services conducted by our experts and completed with proficiency, expert attention to detail, and for an always-affordable rate. We offer solutions for commercial and residential clients who require high-traffic or delicate cleaning methods. No matter your unique needs, our team is surely equipped to offer a real and efficient solution for your needs. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and to properly service your individual rug we take the specifics into consideration. Ensure that your rug is taken care of by professionals who have the skills and the tools needed to do so by contacting our customer care team today.

Our Process 

Ensuring that your rug is free from loose dirt and debris prior to treatment is essential. Our team is sure to take every precautionary step in order to deliver a professional clean for your area rug, no matter the size. We begin each service with the removal of dirt, sand and other loose dirt with our industry-grade vacuum. We then take the time to address any stains or areas of concern, treat these indicated areas and let sit for curing. From here the process that we take for your area rug might differ from others, we are always sure to offer individualized plans for area rugs that require specific care.

Trouble Areas 

Your area rug might be located in a high traffic area, this placement opens your rug up to an increased risk for stains, damage, and dirt collection. Your carpet cleaning professional taking care of your case will be sure to identify any areas of concern and address them with the appropriate methods. Your area rug might be adorned with stains, odor, compressed dirt, or other organic materials, these can be removed with the proper techniques used by our team members. Following your area rug cleaning appointment, you are sure to see a magnificent difference in your treasured rug.

Specialty Rugs 

Not all rugs are made the same, some are braided, some are silk, wool, and some are more mature. To ensure that your rug is taken care of properly, we always recommend that specialty rugs are tended to by professionals. Without proper care, you could find yourself with a shrunken mat or other damage. Through our consultation process, we offer comprehensive and complete quotes for all clients who require area rug cleaning services.

In-Home or Take Out 

To make our area rug cleaning service easier for our clients, we are happy to offer to take out or in-home rug cleaning services. Depending on the size of your rug and the individual needs of your home, we are happy to offer pick-up services for your area rug. We work with commercial and residential clients in order to find the right solution for their specific situation. In-home service is completed within the original structure, where take out area rugs are retrieved, treated at our facilities, and returned to clients following completion.

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